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Our centers are strategically located in the heart of each city and connect to the region’s strengths. They provide places to gather, collaborate, and connect to dream of innovative solutions.



Our centers offer innovative work spaces, equipped with high-class furniture and fittings, coffee areas, seating areas and meeting rooms.

About the Space

NYC Innovation Center

The New York City International Cyber-Climate Center is located in the heart of Manhattan's SoHo, in a historic 19th- century buildin designed by award-winning Apple architect Peter Bohlin. The building has 3 floors of offices, co-working spaces, a restaurant and café.The center was established in cooperation with the economic arm of the City of New York NYC/EDC, the city's top four universities – Columbia, Cornell, NYU and CUNY – and a series of strategic partners, while harnessing Israeli cyber excellence.

About the Space

Jerusalem Innovation Center

The Margalit Startup City in Jerusalem was our first center excellence, located in an historic complex known as “The Mint,” which served as a currency printing house and storage for official documents during the British Mandate period. The compound is part of Jerusalem’s Old Railway Station. Margalit Startup City Jerusalem is a focal point for technological creativity and entrepreneurship, an engine for the growth of a unique ecosystem in the city, with deep connections to Jerusalem’s leading academic industry

About the Space

GALIL Innovation Center

Situated in the heart of Kiryat Shmona in the Galilee, Margalit Startup City Galil is Israel’s northernmost innovation center, bringing together in one place startups, academia and research institutions and global companies to create breakthrough solutions in food and agtech. The 1400-square-meter complex is the Galil's main platform for accelerated business development and creating communities for the whole region in the worlds of foodtech, agritech and technological innovation in general.

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HAIFA Innovation Center

In the lower city of Haifa, adjacent to the train station, in the heart of the Tarbat area and a renewable business, Margalit Startup City Haifa was established, as part of the vision to create an ideal ecosystem for digital health and to turn the city into a leading international business center in the field and a center of attraction for entrepreneurs from around the world.

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TEL AVIV Innovation Center

Along with high-tech events and meetings with investors and business leaders from Israel and the world, the Tel Aviv FinTech complex offers designed and innovative work spaces, equipped with high-class furniture and fittings, along with coffee areas, seating and rest areas and meeting rooms.The complex is located on Rothschild Avenue, in the heart of Tel Aviv, close to Neve Tzedek, and is surrounded by a variety of restaurants, cafes, parking lots and access to public transportation.

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BE’ER SHEVA Innovation Center

Margalit Startup City Beer Sheva is located in the capital of the Negev, Beersheva. It can be found adjacent to Ben-Gurion University, Soroka Hospital, the train station, Israel’s southern hi-tech park, and close to the leading global tech companies: Dell, Deutsche Telekom, IMB and more

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