Erel N. Margalit, PhD

Founder and Executive Chairman, JVP, Margalit Startup City

Erel N. Margalit is one of the chief architects of the startup nation, bringing innovation and entrepreneurial leadership to the country’s most pressing political, economic, and social challenges.


Our Real Estate team found and built our innovation centers that are strategically located in the heart of each city and connect to the region’s strengths. Meet the people who made it happen.

Sagi Kedem


Michal Dvir


Barak levy

Finance Manager

Noa Cohen

Operations Manager

Sarit Bailey

Operations Manager

Yonathan Segre

Operations Manager

Lidice Mendoza

Operations Manager

Galit Gershoni


Shadi Natshe

Facility Manager


We believe in the power of integrating people from different backgrounds to revolutionize ideas and create a new reality. Meet the people who made it happen.

Gali Timor

Head of Margalit Startup City Haifa

Adi Toledano

Senior Director of Finance

Devora Mason

Senior Director of Investor Relations

Or Nadav Argov

Community Manager at Margalit Startup City

Elinoar Levitan

CEO Bakehila


The Margalit Startup City model promotes the growth of localities and regions, and advances cities to the next level. Meet the people who made it happen.

Yoav Tzruya

General Partner, JVP

Gadi Porat

General Partner, JVP

Rinat Remler

Partner, Chief Financial Officer, JVP

Shimrit Kenig

Partner, Chief Operating Partner

Ilan Ron

Venture Partner, JVP

Oded Shoseyov

Venture Partner, JVP

Alexandre Dahan

Principal, JVP

Roi Yosef

Senior Associate, JVP

Pnina Ben-Ami

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing, JVP

Riki Mozes

Vice President, Chief People Officer